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Vehicle Maintenance

Free Courtesy Inspections - 42 point visual inspection will inform you what condition your vehicle .

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Auto Repair Service

Hoist Service and Repair - 12 volt bale decks, tailgate lifts, etc ...

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Truck Repair & Maintenance

Heavy Duty Truck Parts, Diagnosis, Repairs and Maintenance of Heavy ...

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Service Area

Auto Repair Service Area By Car Mechanic & Auto Technician - St Paul, Alberta
We provide premium quality automotive repair and vehicle maintenance services anywhere in St Paul, Alberta. You will get perfect repair for your medium and heavy trucks, trailers,auto and motor-homes.


About Us

Certified Automotive Technician & Auto Repair Shop
B & D Industrial Services is one of the many businesses in the St. Paul and surrounding area that is rich in history, having been in business for over 30 years. Bernard Drolet started the auto repair shop in his backyard and his son, Doug, joined him with a mobile repair service. In 1986, they purchased a shop in St. Paul.




Q: What if I am not 100% satisfied with B & D’s service?

A: Always notify them if there is anything about their service that you would like to see differently. They work hard to make a great customer service ex

Q: What is B & D’s goal?

A: Their goal is customer satisfaction. Read our mission statement below and your will understand better; Our staff is here to provide you a friendly an

Q: Does B & D do any extras for people?

A: When our Service Writers have an extra moment in the day, they may clean your dash, put an air freshener in your vehicle and leave some candy. They al

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30th Jan

5 Things To Remember After A Minor Car Accident

Car accidents are a major cause of death and destruction in the world. In fact, a lot of car accidents when take place can result in the vehicle being towed by a mobile truck towing company. Before yo...

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27th Jan

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy A Second Hand Car

Before you buy a second hand car, you need to be aware of the investment you are making in it. No one wants to make a trip to the auto repair shop for a car that is second hand. You need to consider a...

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25th Jan

How To Maintain Your Car Tire?

Many of us actually miss the fact that tires are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. It is extremely important to preserve the performance of the tire and ensure that safety st...

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